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Gratitude is the main ethos of Hinduism. To be thankful to all the root conscious who do with us. Strengthening those kinds of sacraments on your mind by celebrating your gratitude in some form or ceremonial form is a key feature of our society. Inanimate items include stove, mill, well, rooftop, potter wheel, hull, pestle, pen, cotton, bandage, book, sword, scales etc. are worshiped from time to time. This means that we are grateful for whatever creatures or things we get help from, we believe in them.

If this feeling is settled steadily in the mind, then the man feels indebted to the society and continues to do good work for repetition to repay the debt. The service of the living sages is the symbol of gratitude to the children, the sacraments of foot invocation and the heavenly ancestors. This confirms a feeling by which new saints become patriotic. Today, the symbol is still worshiped, but if you use it emotionally as the real secret of worship, then it can induce God’s inner self to express the inner feeling of gratitude and to persuade him to repeat the world forever. .

A special effect is inserted on human beings from time to time, through 16 sacrament, such as conception, rejuvenation, marginalization, naming, marriage, funeral. By the power of the Veda, the ascetic scholar, using his self-power, performs a subtle influence on the person by the sacrifice and God, which is the sacrament. Due to this effect, some special elements are seeded in his man and he gets fertile from time to time, and leads the person to become a great man.

The importance of each one of the sixteen rites is so wonderful that if the system is performed and performed by the people who perform the rituals, then surely a human can be molded into something like wet clay. The scientific law of the sacraments is full of such mysterious powers and possibilities. At the time of these rituals, the people who are present in the rituals, who have hosted the determination to perform the teachings given at that time, influence the mind too, and sometimes they are self-indulgent in the present mass group. . The teachings given at the ceremony are more effective than the teachings of ordinary times. If a priest can conduct the wedding ceremony properly, then it can be said that his married life will always be happy and full of love. But if they can be improved like in ancient times, then it can be an important task to build the soil in the best direction. Every year by celebrating the date of birth, a person can do a special tool to criticize his past life and build a future life.

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