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Every person will think of himself as insecure, there will be no object named love and generosity, the weak will be the tragedy of the strong and the strong will shiver with the desire of the stronger than them, the powerless people will die of hunger, get sick using debauchery, home. The atmosphere of house discord will emerge, one class will fight with the other class, a society and a country will be cold or fiercely with different from its own, National culture will come to disintegrate, only abject chaos will hand. The poor and rich will be destroyed under the craving for money.

The joy which was supposed to be found in the life of man, which would have received the divine perceptions, he would be deprived of it. This first stage of physical culture will not allow people to grow and do good things. The person, without these trends, should be considered as an animal without a horny tail, for charity, renunciation, generosity, spiritual practice, meditation, health, spiritual life etc. With such animals, the material culture will fill the entire earth.

The second step of material culture is the unholy sense of sexuality. Men and women are looking at women and women with a view of unclean lust and are creating an unnecessary, undesirable, stimulating environment for them. In cinemas, such images are shown in which the activities, gestures, and gestures of maiden women are shown, whose public performance is largely unethical. Seeing them produces sensational stimulation in the mind of the audience.

In the rooms, in homes, in shops, where the fluttering images of maiden women are found, the flood of pornography is coming. Crappy coconut, chemistry, novels, in the shops are filled with grass like lumps. When a man looks at a young woman, it is full of lust. Women have also been away from ancient traditions and flowing in the same flow. They come out of the house with gaudy outfits, provocative decorations and unfulfilled ways that unintentionally others feel suspicious on their modesty. There are bad deformities in married life.

Men and women are becoming bunnies and butterflies without being satisfied in their respective fields. The limits of celibacy are being broken. People have started to consider moderation unnecessary. Mothers, daughters and sisters are falling short of day and day and the malnourishment of males is rising towards un-immoral attraction towards women. Accordingly, adultery is becoming dominant.


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