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In ancient times, there were many more cultural features which today are taking the form of harmful distortions. Recognizing many subtle powers of God, according to science of spiritualism, pulling them with their inner magnet power and holding them inside was called lord education. People used to establish close relationships according to devotional worship laws from many god powers and used to gain extra time and experience. But today that learning has become a mere convention for the livelihood of only a few young priests.

In the pilgrimages, he was found to have elements like Success Pedestal due to great people, sages of ancient times, their works and underground features there. There was benefit of spiritual discourse of many great men. climate was excellent. The residents used to increase the peaceful air circle of that region through sacrifice etc. People used to travel on foot and grow knowledge and health from the country and reach pilgrimage places and enjoy peace there from environment and spiritual discourse. Today, there is no such environment.

There is slander, and robbery, but nothing to despair. Factors are strong people can change their environment and thereby generate the ancient environment again. The 53 beneficent army of pandas, priests, priests, monks, beggars etc. remains a burden for the country and spreads many kinds of misconceptions and evil. Therefore, it is only appropriate to incite maliciousness in public. But in ancient times these people were not like this. He used to work hard for the nation and spent his whole house serving only on bread, benefiting the people with his great knowledge. Now is the time to awaken the same system.

Gourmet, downcast, unqualified people should be removed from this sacred work by social boycott or scepter, and if only true sacrificed, saints, public servants remain in this path, then this sage institution will be concerned with social, political, religious education, health related problems of the nation. Can do very heavy work of solving Cow rearing, cow promotion, cooperation, committees, increase of forestry, literacy promotion etc. are many nation building works which government is not able to do. army of Public servant, saints and priests can easily fulfill them by their influence and example by public. method of saints is not bad.

In ancient times, our ancestors preached about them only to fulfill important purposes of public interest. There are immovable properties of hundred thousand of rupees in the temple deities. For propagation of such property, devotees used to make a boon, many religious schemes were completed with that money, but today it is spent only in royal enjoyment of idols or in fun of monasteries. If this religion and money are to be done only for the spread of religion then a lot of cultural revival can be done.

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