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The brain is the focal point of all life, life and it needs the purest blood. The heart gives him pure blood. The hands work throughout the day to give them warm and fresh blood, which they need least, and the greatness to take their filthy blood of their own to infinity. Only the heart can do penance to purify bad blood and return it to the body. That is why God has given him the ability to work continuously and consume a long age.

The heart beats 72 times per minute. In one year’s child, he beats 120 times. Whenever we see a terrible problem, the heart increases its heart and makes such a system that fear due to the situation arising due to not being explosive.

It is a strange device where thousands of veins carry pure blood to every part of the body. And impure blood carries to the heart. This blood is purified by sending it to the lungs and then divides the body. Four and a half inches long, three and a half inches wide and two and a half inches thick gives fine blood arterial blood to this blood transporter called coronary. Responsibilities of public service who play as faithfully as the heart. They also get similar invisible help.

Discreet conscious beings are different from the plans of the gross world, they should continue to work as a heart so that the social system does not deteriorate. Those who are released in such public service without worrying about themselves, they never lack the power and resources like the heart.

Elevators or elevators have been made such a machine on which sitting in high-rise buildings can be picked up in a moment, and the fatigue of climbing stairs can be avoided. A tale printer machine has been created to send and transmit telegraph messages. It has also become possible to send pictures by wire on machines called Fake. Pictures of the convention in America are printed on the second day in Indian newspapers, it is the result of the grace of this machine.

Similarly, the hundreds of machines and armaments, such as rooms, clock, press, gyroscope, generator, concertina, etc., respond to the wisdom of human beings. The racket named ‘Telstar’ should be called the greatest wonder of the world. This instrument of 170 pounds load and a total of thirty-four-inch diameter binding all the earth in a communication form has 3600 solar cells. With the help of this, we can talk to a person sitting in any corner of the world, as if he is sitting in front of him or beside him. In the making of all these, the unique intellectual capacity of man has appeared in a miracle, we can also be proud of it.


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