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Half society is often full of insane, semi-obsessed and adjacent-minded people of insanity. There is a lack of reasoning and wisdom in those who are clogged with foolish beliefs – evil practices, superstitions. For them, habitual habit is everything. He is afraid to go beyond that limitation boundary. The light of free thought makes their eyes dazzled and the courage to accept the understanding of justification does not gather their courage. People of this class can be placed in category of mentally underdeveloped male-animals only.

Like body unable, debilitated, and sick, abundance of people caught in a team of mental backwardness and disorder is visible in their society. This insanity is also a type of disease in which beings have to suffer contempt, displeasure, lack, and misery of pictures and wonders.

It is worth considering why all this happens? There is no visible defect of man directly. Doing something that is deliberately done, that does not seem to be able to bear the grief of those physical ailments and mental illnesses. Then why did God create such a strange structure? Why make someone like that? There can be no answer to this either. God is neither unjust nor transgresses in his creation, disorder. On the other hand, these afflicted people do not even see any such direct fault, which can be said to be punished.

solution of this dilemma is based on same research findings that masters of anthropology suggest that conflict between immoral and antisocial thinking and curiosity in the mind creates a double personality, and the internal discord that arises from it keeps the mind-set in ruin. She gives. It is natural for the operator to have the plight of the system working under him when he is hurt, injured, disturbed. The incest of body and psychosis of brain are reasons why self-governing system of self-power would arrange many types of self-punishment on its own.

In tradition, the suzerain of hell has been called Chit. It is described that all the deeds of human beings are constantly written in book accounts of this Chit. Based on those inscriptions, Lord Chit arranges the punishment for every creature. According to the discussion of Chit science, it is only the unconscious mind whose human and evil deeds are inscribed on the very sensitive cells like the tape of a tape or a plate of photography. If they appear and result in time, then the introduction of their reaction comes in the form of physical and mental diseases. With these two agonies, third one becomes more and more unintended, that is, failure in normal life.

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