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Humans couldn’t make a machine like human body. Such a perfect machine, which God has made in form of a body and has given it to world sanctuary of soul, till today no scientist could make it. There is no hope for future to be created by humans. It is God, who could build such a machine with his own will. Fantastic machines of world do not compare it too.

In India, temperature of blood is considered to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit. temperature of skin keeps decreasing by 18 ° F. On summer days, the temperature rises so much that it becomes difficult to get the bare body in the sun outside. In the same way, some temperature in winter goes below zero. And then even big machines come to a standstill. Their gasoline, diesel also gets accumulated. It is only a human body that tolerates hard heat and cold.

Skin is such a heat regulator, which keeps body cool in heat and body warm in cold. Even scientists could not make such a good heat regulator. If small pitfalls, the bicycle gets pushed so that the rider falls to one side and the bicycle one way!. Many times, motors, airplanes, vehicles crash into an object flying in high ground. And shatter is destroyed, but the skin and the bones of spine are created by God in body in such a manner that it keeps human from splits of injury every time, the spinal cord is covered with bar which every two There is such a fit between bones of spine that no matter how much humans jump, there is no fear of jumping or jumping.

It serves as the best injury reader. Human beings could make only a few things with their understanding, most of them are copying body or developing things learned from them. Man uses so much time or intelligence to make machines, then would a machine like his body be made, then without any knowledge or understanding.


If we consider it a little bit, then it has to be believed that there is a regulatory power in the world which is more visionary and more receptive and more capable than intelligent humans. He can make such instruments, which not be made even for millions of years continuously. The camera has made one better than one. Photographs can also be taken from sunlight to electric light, but such a camera has not yet been made, which can change the lens’ focus.

The lens of good cameras for taking photos is also called a fixed inertial distance, which starts from lens and ends in object where photo is taken. To fit on. Only then can the right photo take. Even in films, the machine has to be fitted first, but in the form of an eye, God has given us such a camera that we can see objects from near and far from far away without having to move our eyes back and forth.

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